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Best SUV 2016

Buying the best SUV 2016 can mean a lot of different things to different people. Some people enjoy luxury while others want an economical vehicle. If a SUV is what you are looking for though, then you need to consider some of the top rated SUV choices. There is a SUV for every type of driver.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are all the rage these days for compact SUV choices. It?s economical and complies perfectly with the fuel economy regulations. There is one choice though that is coming out that meets those standards and some pretty nice perks as well. Tesla Motors offers a luxury SUV sedan that counters the BMW 3-Series and offers the electric fuel benefit. It?s one of the best-rated SUV 2016 choices that you can make for your small SUV selection.

Mercedes- Benz

The Class A Mercedes-Benz SUV offers the fortitude of the Mercedes, along with the ruggedness of the best SUV 2016 choice. You will be able to go off-road and enjoy all that the road offers for any SUV with the JC1 that supports the wheel bass for optimum balance and control. This is definitely a luxury SUV for those people that have the most distinctive tastes in vehicles. The four-cylinder engine promises to help drivers save on the gas mileage. While it isn?t exactly a compact SUV, it is definitely a luxury SUV.

Lamborghini Urus

The next small SUV choice for 2016 is the best SUV 2016 choice for the sports fans that are searching for a new car. Every rock star on the block will drool over this choice. It offers a smooth ride for a compact SUV that will satisfy both the gas mileage requirements for the savvy drivers along with the people that demand a luxury vehicle. It even beat the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne.

2016 Aston Martin Lagonda

Not far behind that choice for a great luxury car for sports fans is the 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda. It is the on of the best sports and luxury choice this year. There is actually a waiting list for this one. That makes it the most popular choice for new SUVs for 2016. Of course, there is the Bentley to think about for one top rated SUVs.

2016 Bentley

Bought by Volkswagen, this small SUV offers the EXP 9F concept that makes this luxury SUV the choice for luxury fans everywhere. It can set your pocketbook back a bit, but it also promises to be one of the best choices out of the top rated SUV choices today. There is no other choice for the fastest and most fuel-efficient choices on the market. There is one other choice in the top rated SUVs list for a sports car though.

2016 Nissan Z

This sports car choice for the best of the new SUVs for 2016. It?s not exactly cheap, but it costs less than the Aston Martin and the Lamborghini. It?s nothing to sneeze at either. This choice for 2016 is one solid piece of work. The engine can keep up with the best of the new SUVs for 2016 sports cars and it even has great fuel economy. Buyers can choose either the 4 cylinders or the V-6 for their purchase on the top rated SUVs list. (3)
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